The MEGSO Executive Board

Pay no attention to the committee behind the curtain.

President - Ethan Brownell

El Presidente - the one in charge of making sure your Grad Student needs are met. Shoot him an email if you've got any questions about MEGSO or the CMU experience. Be prepared for a lengthy sidebar about Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Vice President - Rebecca (Tanzer) Gruener

Rebecca is here to make sure this machine runs smoothly. When Ethan can't answer your emails, she's the one to call. Also the resident webmaster, committee wrangler, and outdoor enthusiast.

Treasurer - Evan Diewald

Mo' money, mo problems and Evan has a ton of problems. He's the man you can trust with the finances so if you have questions about our budget or need help diversifying your stock portfolio, Evan is your guy. 

Secretary - Uchechukwu (Uche) Agwu

Uche's emails will brighten your day. He provides the 411 in the 412 and CMU. Be on the lookout for her emails and event reminders, you don't want to miss an opportunity to learn, volunteer, and have fun!

Social Chair - Edgar Mendoza

If you’re looking for a party, Edgar knows where to find it – he's got Pistella’s on speed dial.  Shoot him an email if you want to help choose or serve drinks.

Event Coordinator - Nick Jones

You can catch Nick at the bowling alley or movie theater whenever there's a MEGSO outing. Rumor is that he even helps to plan all of our events. Let him know what kind of school-sponsored shenanigans you'd like to get into.

Masters Representative - Nikolai Flowers

Here with the lowdown on everything important to our Masters peeps, Nikolai keeps all these PhD's in check. Let him know everything that's important to your experience as a Masters MechE student.

Community Chair - Unfilled


If you think you have what it takes to join this awesome group of MechE go-getters and want to help plan community service events then reach out to us. Maybe your face will join us on this page :D

Department Liasons - Diana Beltrán & Seyed-Arman Ghaffari-Zadeh

Whether they're expanding career fairs or fighting for a MechE chocolate swimming pool, Diana and Arman are here to make the department work for you. They also have the lowdown on all of the dirty Quals secrets.  Shoot them an email if you have any ideas about how the department can better serve you or are looking for some moral support.

GSA Reps - Seyed-Arman Ghaffari-Zadeh, Ayush Raina, Ethan Brownell, & Uchechukwu (Uche) Agwa

These legislative heroes represent you to the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and are prepared for a weeklong filibuster for your rights if it comes down to it.  Let them know if you have any concerns about your CMU experience, or if you’d like to get involved in Student government.

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